The school has interviewed parents about their experiences with the school.
All our schools are obliged to poll parent and pupil satisfaction yearly.
To us this is an important part of our quality policy. 

We find Anne Frank a welcoming school with competent, approachable staff, green play spaces, and a friendly vibe. It is truly a community, embedded in the local neighbourhood. We like the school values of respect, kindness, and independence".



We are a multicultural mix family with roots in Europe and Asia. We decided to enroll our children (now for 5 and 8) to this school. This was one of the best decision we could have made. The intake process was smooth, teachers and parents were extremely available to support our children in this transition period. When they joined, they almost didn't speak any Dutch and over one school year, they managed to pick up the language and fully integrate with the great help of all the teachers and the school staff".


Our eldest son was enrolled two years ago and has improved a lot in all fields. He has made a lot of friends and he is always happy to go to school. Teachers are really good. They have been really focused on his background and special needs as a bilingual kid. The school is quite small and multicultural with a caring attention to the not-speaking-Dutch families. So we feel welcomed and kids do too".


- Parents of Isla -   - Malysa and Oscar -   - Anonymous -