The school has interviewed parents about their experiences with the school.
All our schools are obliged to poll parent and pupil satisfaction yearly.
To us this is an important part of our quality policy. 

As an American family with 3 kids in Amsterdam we’ve been a part of de Kleine Nicolaas for 4 years now and have really had only good experiences. It really feels like a community, with an interesting mix of international and Dutch families".
What I have been most impressed with is the calibre of teaching and the attention given to the children, both academically and socially". 
It’s been a pleasure watching our two girls unknowingly learning another language!  It’s also been a treat for my wife and I to feel like we are part of the school community, where we can actively participate in the wonderful extracurricular activities, and make some friends of our own".
- Erica -   - Paul -   - Eduard -