The school has interviewed parents about their experiences with the school.
All our schools are obliged to poll parent and pupil satisfaction yearly.
To us this is an important part of our quality policy. 

Our son entered Springstok knowing little dutch and starting school in a whole new environment. The staff made him feel welcome and secure to the point that two months later he participates, has friends, and most importantly is hungry to learn. Our experience has been truly great and we would recommend the school to anyone interested". 
Though not a private or international school, De Springstok (openbar) is providing a great, intimate environment for pupils. Two things that make De Springstok a great choice for parents and pupils are; -individual level attention to pupils due to the school not being overly crowded, -extremely diverse background of pupils and families. Thanks to the great folks at De Springstok, under the leadership of the school principal, De Springstok has been a very welcome second home for our son for over a year.
A small but very diverse school! Our 4 y.o. daughter only told us good things about her teachers, her activities, and her friends since the first day at the school. Thanks to the caring and super friendly staff.
- Paola en Michael -   - Parent of Austin (grp 3) -   - Parent of Ulan, grp 3 -