The school has interviewed parents about their experiences with the school.
All our schools are obliged to poll parent and pupil satisfaction yearly.
To us this is an important part of our quality policy. 

"I' am the father of Lucia in grp 4. You can tell that the teachers are really good and enthousiastic".

Coming from Melbourne our then 5-year-old son started in Group 2 straight away without speaking a word of Dutch. Six months later he was understanding and speaking Dutch, made lots of new friends and was very settled at school. He is now in Group 4, exceeding in Dutch reading, writing and spelling. This is in no small part due to the hard work, dedication and care of De Witte Olifant staff!

"I am the father of Murat in group 5. What I appreciate most is that it's a school for all kinds of children with attention for highly gifted children also".



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