The school has interviewed parents about their experiences with the school.
All our schools are obliged to poll parent and pupil satisfaction yearly.
To us this is an important part of our quality policy. 

Our daughter has settled very well at Boekman. She is already able to use small expressions in Dutch and is so much more focused on learning. All at Boekman have made the transition into a completely new environment very easy for us".
My younger daughter who just turned 4 over the summer did not speak a word of Dutch, I thought it would be unsettling for her to start school. I am happy to be proven wrong as she has adjusted surprisingly quickly. Despite the language barrier, from the first day she has been enjoying school and absolutely loves her teachers and friends. I believe her class being a mixed aged group is great as it allows her to get along with peers of varying ages. The school provides a safe, peaceful and loving environment. 
- Father of Poppy, group 4 -   - Mother of Daphne, group 1 -   - -