About us

Choosing the right Amsterdam primary school for your child, especially while still living abroad, can be a complicated process. 
The language barrier, complex local rules, lack of references and the fact that few schools in Amsterdam have an English-language website, can be hampering aspects.
Nevertheless more and more international parents choose a regular Dutch school over an international school. Recent research shows that 45% of all international parents currently makes this choice*. That's why Openbaar Onderwijs aan de Amstel initiated this website. 

We run 22 primary schools in Amsterdam Centre and South (view on city map). The two area’s where internationals prefer to settle. Over the years therefore, our schools became increasingly capable to respond to the needs of international pupils and parents from all around the globe. Our organisation has recently be assessed by the National Education Inspectorate (2018) and was awarded the highest possible rating in all domains.  

Through Schoolsearch Amsterdam we invite you to learn more about what our schools have to offer.
In each schoolprofile you'll find information about the school's educational concept, fees, timetable, results and communication.
You can also contact our helpdesk, staffed by experts from our central office. They can answer your questions and/or give personal advice. Be informed about the complex Amsterdam enrolment process and placing system or be helped with the interpretation of school result charts. Our helpdesk service is free of charge. Please also use our FAQ database.

Our mediation only relates to our own 22 schools. Amsterdam has 212 primary schools in total. They are all listed in the city council 'Scholenwijzer' search engine. In contrast to our initiative, the 'Scholenwijzer' website is in Dutch and does not provide information on school results, fees, English language education or parent opinions. 

We hope Schoolsearch Amsterdam proves to be a helpful tool and service for you. 

*provided by MRA (Metropolitan Region Amsterdam)

Openbaar Onderwijs aan de Amstel runs 22 primary schools in Amsterdam Centre and South.